For Students gives students the tools to assess whether a school is financially right for you and your family. Whether you've got your heart set on a specific location or a specific field of study, we'll walk you through estimates of the actual cost to attend your top choices, anywhere in the U.S.
  • Transparent: Preview your financial aid package without applying.
  • Compliant: Results provided in U.S. Government Shopping Sheet format.
  • Efficient: Enter your data only once for many schools.
  • Clean: Easy to use user interface with basic and advance modes.
  • Accurate: Actionable results including financial aid, work study, and loans.

    Note: Our estimates may not reflect the actual net price. We encourage you to consult each college's financial aid office before deciding whether to apply to a particiular school.

Getting Started


  •'s calculator was created with your questions in mind. You will provide as much personal and financial information as you are comfortable sharing (your privacy is protected), we will provide estimate of price to attend the college of your choice.

Timing is Everything

  • Our Net Price Calculator improves usability and transparency by requiring less information to generate an estimate of college costs, leading you to the best match earlier in the process.

Dial it in

  • Building a account is not required, but your account will allow you to revisit, hone and perfect your decision-making process.

Finding the Money

  • Aid : Almost every college in the U.S. offers some kind of financial and/or merit-based aid to prospective students. You are their customers, get what is coming to you! We'll walk you through the financial aid process with the most current data available.

  • Transparency : Searching tuition “prices” and cost of living information for your preferred schools can be confusing and even misleading. By entering your specific credentials, goals and financial situation, you may be shocked at the possibilities! Finding an affordable college may be easier than you might think.

  • Accuracy : Our database on college costs is unrivaled. Matching students to colleges is our passion. We have collected data on college endowments, financial aid policies, and local cost-of-living statistics, and we built the most extensive database in the industry.

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