Welcome to ShoppingSheet.com's Net Price Calculator for University of the United States. Use this tool to estimate your college costs and find out if you are eligible for financial aid and/or merit scholarships. You may discover that a college education is more affordable than you may think. Many students find that their out-of-pocket costs are significantly lower than the advertised "sticker" price.

Whether you are a high school senior who is about to apply to college or a parent of a younger student who is just starting the college planning process, ShoppingSheet.com's net price calculator will help you estimate your family's college expenses and plan wisely for how much you may need to save or borrow for college.

Financial aid programs vary by college. Different colleges may have vastly different financial aid policies and merit scholarship programs, and they may offer a different mix of grants or loans to meet your demonstrated financial need. For example, two colleges with the same sticker price may offer very different net prices for the same student, and sometimes colleges with higher sticker prices will actually cost a student less than a school with a lower sticker price.

Also, if your family situation changes, such as having two siblings in college at the same time, you may find that your family's cost for each college is reduced significantly.

Net Price Calculators are designed to give you a good estimate of your actual out of pocket expenses for attending a college. However, if you have a unique or complex financial situation, you may want to contact the college's financial aid office to confirm how their financial aid policies will affect your net price.

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