For Colleges and Universities gives colleges an easy way to comply with governmental requirements and keeps net price calculators up-to-date. Updating calculators with new data can be a challenge but's data aggregation model refreshes this data with little or no extra effort from the college.
  • Relationship-building : Connect with pre-qualified student applicants with an established understanding of the process.
  • Simplicity : Data collection/entry is tiered, offering students personalized, simple and timely information on college costs and financial aid.
  • Compliance : Provide clear and meaningful information with simple, customizable implementation.
  • Flexible pricing : Our base product is Free! Meet compliance requirements and increase transparency and enrollment yield without breaking your budget. ‘Premium’ and ‘Super Premium’ packages are also available for maximum customization.

Best of Breed Net Price Calculator

Tiered Data Model

  • “Quick”: Offers the student/applicant a “quick estimate” option, allowing a narrowing of their search based on easily accessible data.

  • “Advanced”: Allows for increased precision based on more detailed criteria.

More effective and timely

  • Applicants find an appropriate pool of matching institutions during the Fall, before they apply.

  • Customizable: Financial and Merit aid policies/practices can be specified to reach established enrollment goals.

Transparency AND Usability

Instead of making prospective students answer a hundred questions, our calculator utilizes a unique "tiered data" model.

  • Optimizes Accuracy
  • Improves Usability
  • "Quick" allows for faster estimates
  • "Advanced" increases precision

Easier Compliance:

We make it simple to provide government compliant net price calculators and “shopping sheet” award letters .

  • Our base Net Price Calculator requires very little data from the college
  • Produce Shopping Sheet estimates from our calculator results, before the student applies
  • We can generate government compliant “shopping sheet” award letters with actual data

Net Price Calculator input page

Shopping Sheet results

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  • Free ... Our base product will help your institution meet Federal net price calculator compliance, free of charge.

  • Custom ... Our paid offerings enable your institution to provide financial transparency to your prospective students in a way that maximimizes your recruiting effectiveness and yield. Our net price calculator and shopping sheet estimator can easily be customized with your look & feel and marketing message while incorporating your detailed financial aid and merit scholarship policies.

  • Award Letters ... Provide Shopping Sheet estimates before the student applies and later use our platform to generate the actual Shopping Sheet award letters.

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