About ShoppingSheet.com™

How much will it cost to go to college? Are private schools really so much more expensive than public universities? Will I be a good fit for the schools I'm applying for?

With rising college costs and the increased importance of receiving a high-quality college education, making the right college decision is more important than ever. Not only can comparing schools save you tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and student loans, but it can help you find the right school for your academic ability and career aspirations.

ShoppingSheet.com allows you to estimate and compare your net price, and academic fit at thousands of colleges and universities to find the perfect school at the lowest cost.

Our system uses your financial and academic information to find colleges that are most affordable and most closely match your goals.

ShoppingSheet.com estimates your actual net price at each institution, which can be thousands of dollars less than the sticker price. This cost -- which is an estimate of what you would actually have to pay each year -- factors in things like Pell grants, institutional scholarships, and merit aid that aren't included in the sticker price.

Our calculator also matches your high school GPA and test scores with the average scores at each college to determine how well you match that school's academic profile. We compare majors at each college to help you decide how well they fit your academic and career goals.

All of the information provided by ShoppingSheet.com is to help you and your family make an educated college decision. Factoring in net price, academic fit, and the popularity of your major provides you with an accurate picture of which colleges or universities are best for you and your future.

Executive Management Team

William E. Staib
President and CEO, Founder

Bill is an information technology entrepreneur with over 20 years experience starting and growing technology-based companies. He is the former CEO and founder of Stockpoint, served as Executive Vice President of Pinnacor and was instrumental in its sale to CBS Marketwatch, and previously was VP of Technology and founder at Neural Applications Corporation. Bill holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University and is the inventor of numerous patents in a variety of industries.

Ric Camacho
CSO and VP of Business Development

Ric is an experienced media executive and oversaw global multimedia operations at Reuters Media and served as VP and General Manager at MDx Medical. Previously, Ric led production services at Inlumen and Pinnacor. Ric studied European History at the College of the University of Chicago.