About College Raptor

College Raptor is more than just a college planning tool. It's a whole new way to make smarter decisions about college. We are the only site that offers side-by-side comparisons of estimated financial aid packages along with simplified campus match scores and admission chances.

With Raptor®, students and families have the power to make the best decisions. Not only can they find the schools that best fit their academic and career goals, but they can find the institutions that are most affordable, reduce their need for student debt and create a plan for maximizing their chances of getting in and receiving the most aid.

College Raptor is like a cheat sheet for making smarter, more affordable college choices.

College Raptor Team
William Staib
William E. Staib
President and CEO, Co-Founder

Bill is an information technology entrepreneur with over 20 years experience starting and growing data-based companies. After multiple successful ventures in financial services, online commerce, and manufacturing, he focused his efforts on using data to solve challenges facing higher education. Bill has five kids and a foster daughter, with four in college. He first started working on Raptor as a way to help his children compare colleges.


Scott Blodgett
Scott Blodgett

Scott is a technology expert with extensive experience designing and building technology systems. He has served in VP and Chief Technology Officer roles at multiple international companies, leading development teams for more than two decades. He's a father of two, also going through the college search process.


Jeff Pierpont
Jeff Pierpont
Vice President of College Partnerships

Jeff works with our campus partners to develop products and solutions that help them meet institutional goals. He has over a decade of experience partnering with colleges and universities to understand and solve challenges related to marketing, student recruitment and financial aid.


Matt Edlund
Matt Edlund
Asst. Vice President of College Partnerships

Matt consults with colleges and universities to help them improve enrollment outcomes using College Raptor’s industry-leading services. He has over a decade of higher education and enrollment management experience, with skills in admissions, marketing, and financial aid.


Proudly creating in Iowa's Creative Corridor

We are proudly headquartered in Coralville, IA and create as a member of Iowa's Creative Corridor.

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