Welcome to the Net Price Calculator!

This calculator is designed to give you an early indication, an estimation, of the need-based financial aid you might qualify for if you were attending the University of Minnesota-Rochester full-time in the academic year indicated. Merit-based scholarships are not included in the estimates provided in this calculator.

Even if you will not be enrolling in the near future, the net price calculator will still be helpful. Younger students and their parents can use this tool to learn about college costs and gain information about need-based financial aid. If you have questions about merit-based scholarships or attending the University of Minnesota-Rochester, please contact the Office of Admissions at 1-877-280-4699 to speak with your freshman admission counselor.

How does it work? The calculator utilizes financial information and other facts you provide to estimate the amount and types of need-based financial aid likely to be available to you. The "net price" will be the difference between the estimated need-based financial aid amount and the cost of attendance.

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