At LCU, we believe in the value of the unique approach to education we offer our students – thoroughly Christian, fundamentally liberal arts in the classical sense, and purposefully different than what most of the higher education world has to offer – but we also know the price matters a great deal to students and families as they make this big decision about where to attend college.

LCU exists to educate its students in biblical teaching, personal and character development, and academic and professional training so that its graduates can pursue their dreams, achieve their version of success, and make an impact for Christ and His Kingdom, all without the burden of major student loan debt.

That’s why we’re proud to be one of the least expensive four-year universities in the state of Illinois, and one of the most affordable college educations anywhere in the Midwest. Our price is consistent with our desire to help launch our students into their post-college world, knowing they will land on their feet and become leaders in their fields.

This Net Price Calculator is customized for each family's individual financial situation, and is a valuable tool that provides an estimate of aid that can be expected. It takes only a few minutes to complete. Official financial aid offers and ledgers are distributed to admitted prospective students on a rolling basis beginning each November.

The results of this net price calculator are not necessarily the totality of financial aid available. LCU offers case-by-case need based awards called The Red Lions Community Awards, as well as athletic scholarships to those participating in intercollegiate sports. This is a valuable tool, but make sure to contact the Enrollment Services office to get the full picture of financial aid at LCU.

For additional financial aid information, please contact Enrollment Services at [email protected] or call 217-732-3168.

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