Welcome to Emmanuel College! Knowledge is the aim of any quality liberal arts education, but the best liberal arts education goes even further. At Emmanuel College, you will be enriched by a rigorous academic experience, and you will be inspired by so much more. Our institutional desire is to provide our students a high-quality education, taught in a caring Christian environment. Here, you will live and study with other Christian students, who every day will lift and embolden you. You will work beside faithful, caring professors, who will challenge you and bring out your very best. And, you will have access to every possible opportunity, enabling you to grow in ways you never thought possible. Emmanuel is an affordable family investment. Students at Emmanuel College can expect to earn a valuable education and invaluable career preparation. By utilizing our net price calculator, your family can estimate your financial aid eligibility. Our financial aid packages include grants, scholarships and loans from a variety of sources such as the Federal and State Government as well as Emmanuel College.

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