Welcome to Colorado State University’s Net Price Calculator!

You may use this tool to evaluate your options as you make plans to finance your education at Colorado State University. The Net Price Calculator is intended to provide you information as a first-time, full-time student. If you plan to attend Colorado State University as a continuing student (non-Freshman), your costs and estimated financial aid will differ; please contact our office for a better understanding of the financial aid options available to you.

As a first-time, full-time student at Colorado State University, the Net Price Calculator will provide you with an estimate of your costs and potential financial aid based on your family income tax, earnings, household, and student demographic information. Note there are considerable financial components that this tool does not capture which could skew your actual aid eligibility at CSU – this is just an approximation. The most accurate assessment will always come from a conversation with a financial aid counselor at your institution. We encourage you to reach out to us after you have submitted your FAFSA.

Remember: results from the Net Price Calculator are only estimates and do not constitute an official offer of financial aid. The Colorado State University Office of Financial Aid must officially determine your actual costs and eligibility for funding based on your specific application information. Costs to attend Colorado State University are subject to change. Eligibility for each financial aid program is determined using Federal, State, or institutional requirements and awarded on a funds-available basis. The CSU Estimated Grant Package may be comprised of any combination of federal, state, or institutional funds and is subject to reduction based on eligibility for other sources of need-based financial aid.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss specific questions about the application process and your unique circumstances.

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